Heart Healing Seminar

At The Plateroti Center for Holistic Wellness
6895 Morro Rd, Atascadero
July 26-27th 2008
Sat. 10-5pm
Sun. 10-4pm

Topic: Energy medicine and Biosynthesis, a well-established body focused psychotherapy. Energy medicine is implemented to enhance the energy level of the heart to come to an energetic opening and free flow of the body.

Hands on course implementing different methods from energy medicine. Focusing on the 7 chakras, especially the soul, heart and body connection. The expansion of the heart is opening a deeper level of body awareness and energetic harmony.

Participants will learn from different method by implementing Qi Gong, breathing exercises, Qi Gong postures that are activating the heart, with special focus on the flow of the light of the soul. Methods from Biosynthesis bring an energetic awareness into the body and give an enhancing foundation of the three basic layers from the embryological development, endoderm, mesoderm, and ectodermal layers. You will have the opportunity to experience the integration of these three levels through practical exercise. We identify the disconnection and begin to integrate the thinking, feeling and doing aspects of a person.


Gabriele Hoppe is a psychotherapist and art therapist, who has worked with adults and children for more than 15 years.
She lives in Germany and has been teaching for seven years in Europe, Switzerland, Israel and the United States. She is an international trainer, supervisor, and diplomat therapist of Biosynthesis, and a teacher of the German Acupuncture Society, teaching Energy Medicine, a combination of Chinese Medicine and Biosynthesis. Her focus is on connecting and integrating qualities of our heart and soul.

Gabriel Stux MD is the founder and director of the German Acupuncture Society, practitioner and lecturer of acupuncture with 25 years experience. He is a pioneer combining acupuncture and energy medicine methods for chakra awareness and opening, best known in the US for the books Basics of Acupuncture and Clinical Acupuncture - Scientific Bases.
He lives in Germany, teaching for 25 years.

Come and join us in this HEART FELT EXPERIENCE….
Call to register 805.462.2262
SPACE IS LIMITED (cost $487.00 both days)


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