The English 82th publication since January 1970


06 Editorial
08 A Bridge Between Worlds: a Personal Message for Eva Reich by David Boadella
09 Eva Reich: "The peace on earth begins in the uterus"  by Renata Reich Moise
11 At the turn of the pendulum's swing by Renata Reich Moise
The Batle for a New Humanity by Eva Reich
Household Use of the Orgone Energy Accumulator by Renata Reich Moise
Reich Was Right - Self Regulation from Wilhelm Reich to Contemporary Applied Neuroscience by Jacqueline Carleton
36 Doing Effective Body Psychotherapy without Touch. Part II :The Process of Re-embodiment by Courtenay Young
47 Feminity, Gender and Essence in Body-Psychotherapy. ParI:  Reflections on theory, clinical and teaching experience by Liliana Acero
56 Systemic Intervention in Biosynthesis: how to work with relational field families by Esther Frankel
62 Book Review
67 Training Courses in Biosynthesis
73 Editorial Information

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